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Carl "Bigthangs" Vinson Founder | Visionary

Organized General (OG) is a frontline soldier for change, it was founded in 2021 out of frustration with the judicial system and the powers that be, as an idea and concept. A realistic goal of action is to bring light to issues in our communities that weren't exposed to public information and bring resources to the masses that they previously didn't have access to. Carl is a self-made visionary, community activist, and advocate by heart and was called to lead, especially in our low-income, poverty-stricken areas, due to lack of funding and opportunities.

Like many young black men, Carl came from nothing. Homeless, the oldest of 5 siblings, born and raised in the notorious 3rd ward & 5th ward of Houston, Texas. He moved around a lot and relocated to California in the Bay Area in 1994.

Carl Vinson serves on the Solano County IHSS Public Authority Advisory Board Committee. The IHSS Public Authority serves as the employer of record for all IHSS caregivers to negotiate wages, provides training and administers benefits, and also provides services to help IHSS consumers hire quality caregivers.


He is also a member of the Fairfield-Suisun Rotary Club Board Of Directors (Youth At-Large) Rotary consists of people of action Rotary is where neighbors, friends, and problem-solvers share ideas, join leaders, and take action to create lasting change. Rotary brings together a global network of volunteer leaders who dedicate their time and talent to tackle the world’s most pressing humanitarian challenges. Rotary connects 1.2 million members from more than 200 countries and geographical areas. Their work impacts lives at both the local and international levels, from helping families in need in their communities to working toward a polio-free world.

Carl is on the Board Of Directors For North Bay Regional Center. We represent and serve Napa, Sonoma, & Solano Counties. North Bay Regional Center provides advocacy, services, support, and care coordination to children and adults diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities and their families in Napa, Sonoma, and Solano counties.


Carl is also on the Board Of Directors of Leaders Of Men Inc, a non-profit organization focused on instilling leadership development skills that teach our young men what is needed to manage their thoughts, emotions, attitudes, and actions. We are geared at focusing on ways to work well with others by developing interpersonal skills and the ability to build and maintain relationships. By empowering young leaders and giving them the tools to discover the skills to build effective work groups and communication skills.

“I just got tired of all the wrongdoing and mishandling of funding by the Local Government & State Representatives. I was born to lead, but wasn't taught to lead. As I got older, my mother instilled in me the meaning of responsibility and adulthood.  That's when I knew, it was on me to be the voice of the unheard and the eyes of the unseen. Now that I have my own platform, I'm not looking back, but moving forward.”

Carl Vison

“In Order To Change Our Communities, Change Starts From Within.”

- Carl "Bigthangs" Vinson  

  Founder | Visionary

2024 Solano County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy Certification

2024 Solano County Sheriff's Office Citizens Academy Certification

2024 Fairfield Police Department Citizens Academy Certification

2024 Fairfield Police Department Citizens Academy Certification

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